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Loraine Kokotos , President

The Nassau County Federation of  Republican Women is an organization that consists of Republican women from all over Nassau County who discuss important issues, plan social events and work to achieve their goals through involvement in politics.  Several active Federation members have been elected to public office in  state, county, town and village government.

 The Nassau County Federation of Republican Women is a grassroots political organization with active members across the County of Nassau, located in the middle of Long Island, New York. We promote the principles, objectives and policies of the Republican Party and help to elect Republican candidates. Through political education and activity, our goal is to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.

Our organization is steeped in an illustrious history. Today, it prides itself on being a vital part of a modern and ever-changing world. We welcome women of all ages and backgrounds. We seek your ideas and your involvement. Together, we can foster the true principles of Republicanism and pride in our nation!

The NCFRW is better than ever before!
Diverse social activities for all ages - Networking for business - Platforms for Female Political Candidates!

Membership: $20 ($15 for 65 and over)


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Fostering the Republican Party
Empowering Women on their Leadership Paths and in the Cause of Good Government

On November 4, 2015, at its "First Wednesdays" monthly, public series the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women welcomed Frank Gaffney, founder and President of the Center for Security Policy, and Ann Corcoran, the head of Refugee Resettlement Watch for an informative discussion on the looming refugee issues that America is facing.



June 4, 2015
Photo one
Last night at the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women President Rosemary Manuele Serra presented a panel on "Is Hate Speech Protected by the Constitution?" Guest Speakers from left to right, Constitutional Lawyer, Author, Council to the Judiciary Committee, Hofstra Law Professor., Founder and President of the Grant Monument Association, Frank Scaturro, Attorney, Decorated Intelligence Officer and Noted Specialist on Islamic law, Ideology and Associated issues as they Relate to Terrorism and Subversion, Major Steven Coughlin, Esq. and Principal and Financial Advisor, Executive Assistant to the Governor of NYS George Pataki, to US Senator Alfonse D’Amato, Chief of Staff to the Traffic Commissioner or NYC Dept of Trans under May Ed Koch and Trustee of the City University of NY, Jeffrey S. Weinsenfeld

Photo two
Last night at the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women Free First Monthly Series. Some of the Members of the NCFRW, Not for Women Only, with President Rosemary Manuele Serra. Topic of Meeting, "Is Hate Speech Protected By The Constitution?"

Photo Three
A Sincere thank you to our Meeting Coordinator and Moderator the amazing Irene Alter!










September 2013

Seen here is Thomas Dale, Commissioner of Police of Nassau County, who was the very first responder to the World Trade Center terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 and the highest ranking officer on scene as a NYPD Patrol Chief who actually set up the first command center on scene.

In a remarkable tribute to the twelfth anniversary of September 11th, the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women presented a special and meaningful communal meeting on the events leading up to that tragic day, the response on that day and what has changed in policing and emergency response since then. Taking place just two days before this year’s anniversary, the NCFRW free public event presented the very first front-line responder to the terrorist attack of 9/11, Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale, then Patrol Chief in the NYPD and the highest ranking official at scene. Sharing his spellbinding story, he explained how he established the first police command and called for the first mobilization of personnel to respond to the World Trade Center disaster. Another first responder who captivated the audience was Joe Concannon, Retired Captain who was then in charge of Manhattan North of the NYPD and subsequently Deputy Director to Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the Mayor’s Office of Operations and now Candidate for NYC Council. Sharing his amazing story was Victor D’Aquino, Captain, NYC Fire Department stationed at scene, who as too many others, lost so many of his colleagues on that tragic day. John Feal, who himself sustained tremendous injury at scene, is the Founder and President of the FeelGood Foundation and an activist in getting federal laws passed to help and protect the tens of thousands sustaining post traumatic injuries. He brought two such people along with him who shared what they go through to this day.

Never having shared their own personal experiences before in public, the audience was not only riveted and emotionally enraptured but also deeply appreciative of the effort that took to do so. As with so many attending, Rosemary Manuele Serra was one of the hosts of the event, said that Victor D’Aquino, her first cousin, never had shared the story with her and brought her to tears. Said Peter Matuza, Steve Salpeter, Phil Orenstein and the scores of others, they had never heard these accounts before and felt this was one of the finest events of the NCFRW ever.

President of the organization, Ann Salpeter Schockett, “This program is very different from what we usually have. Not a formal meeting but rather a communal event, we are not holding it on our usual First Wednesday of the month but closer to the 12th anniversary of September 11th.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, you and I awoke to our daily routines and obligations. Some of us taking care of the children. Others going to work. I was off from work, that day, and overseeing primaries. We each remember so clearly what we were doing the minute we found out what happened!

The tragic day was the first multiple hijacking in the United States, and the first in the world in more than thirty years. On September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists boarded four commercial jetliners, all transcontinental flights, carrying a maximum load of 11,400 gallons of jet fuel. Their objective? To take control of the planes once they were airborne and turn them into flying weapons of destruction.

On September 10th, 2001, we lived in a different world. Airline security was minimal and was the responsibility of the airlines. Passengers were asked only a few, quick questions; metal detectors were calibrated to sound an alarm for anything larger than a small caliber handgun; bags were simply passed through an x ray machine; getting box cutters or small knives on board wasn’t difficult. And, even during those drastic highjackings, passengers and crew actually called for help on airphones and cell phones. These terrorists were so confident and organized that they didn’t even care! Let’s be vigilant never to let this happen again!

September 11, 2013 marks the 12th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history. AMERICA SUFFERED tragic losses, that day. "

Woman of the Year Honorees 2011
What a wonderful evening we all enjoyed at the WOMEN OF THE YEAR DINNER on Tuesday night, May 3, 2011.  Everything was perfect, from the lovely ambiance and delicious fare to the choice of honorees, Kate Murray and Angie Cullin, "trailblazers who broke the glass ceiling", according to Chairperson Angela Powers who presided over the ceremonial aspects of the evening. President Jodi Hollingshead oversaw all aspects of the successful affair. Many women won elaborate raffle gifts but we all won just by attending!

Women of the Year 2010 Honorees:
Ann R. Ocker and Linda Mangano

The former Town of Oyster Bay Councilwoman and Town Clerk Ann R. Ocker and the energetic wife of our new County Executive, Linda Mangano, were both honored as “Women of the Year” by the Nassau County Federation of Republican Women on April 29, 2010, at a sumptuous dinner held in the private party room of Jonathan’s Restaurant in New Hyde Park.

In celebration of 90 years of their dedicated service to the Nassau County GOP, the Republican women have triumphantly named two outstanding women to represent the Greatest Generation and the Next Generation of Republican Women to be our role models for this year’s most critical elections.  Beginning with the leadership and trailblazing example of Ann R. Ocker, today’s Republican woman would be hard-pressed to keep up with Ann’s go-give attitude and service to her family, neighbors, Town and Country. The “battery-name” bunny would also have a hard time keeping up with the demanding family/work/ community service schedule of Linda Mangano. Both women pay homage to their volunteer organizational roots in the community, be it helping the air warden or fire department, or volunteering in the PTA and not-for-profit organizations. These courageous and hard-working women are the high standard which we all hope to achieve as optimistic and accomplished Republican Women.

Mrs. Ocker’s daughter, Jean Vogeley, and County Executive Ed Mangano and their sons, Sal and Alex, were all proud to witness the great women in their lives receive the honors they so deserve. Floral bouquets, lucky elephant watches and winged– eagle statues were formally presented by NYSFRW President Annette Collins-Ferrara, President Jodi Hollingshead and Federation Town of
Hempstead Chair Angela A. Powers. Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto and Councilwomen Beth Faughnan and Rebecca Alesi, together with other County Officials and candidates, came by to offer their congratulations and say hello to the Federation women.

NCFRW Women of the Year 2010

(Picutured l. to r. Angela Powers, Hon. Beth Faughnan, Linda Mangano, Ann R. Ocker, Hon. Ed Mangano and Hon. John Venditto)


Nassau County Federation of Republican Women Donate to Island Harvest

The Nassau County Federation of Republican Women recently made a donation of food and $500 to Island Harvest in Mineola. Recognizing that the food pantry is a year round organization helping our community the women now collect food and donations at all of their functions throughout the year. The Federation of Republican Women supports many other causes while continually building its presence in Nassau County to bring focus to Republican values. Members also have unique opportunities to interact with elected officials at all levels. For more information you can contact board member Jaime Van Dyke Doran at (516) 946-9464 or email her at Jaime.VanDyke@gmail.com.

Pictured (l-r): Angela Powers, Hempstead Town Chair; Deana Huminski, President; Elissa Weick, Island Harvest’s Development Manager; and Jaime Van Dyke Doran, Oyster Bay Town Vice-Chair

Cell Phones for Soldiers Collected by Nassau County Federation of Republican Women

The Nassau County Federation of Republican Women continually collects cell phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers. Proceeds from donated phones are used to purchase prepaid calling cards for American soldiers. Rose Pelletiere of the federation has been spearheading this effort to help the thousands of men and women in our armed forces who are often called away from home for great lengths of time. The phone cards help make it easier for soldiers to connect with family and friends while serving our country.


Rose Pelletiere, Town of Hempstead Vice Chairwoman is pictured with Deana Huminski, President and Oyster Bay resident.  



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