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Joanne Rosamond
  phone:  914-666-8762     President

Dr. Iris Pagan Moncrieffe  Vice President                       
 Fujiko Presseau              Treasurer
Alice Steininger               Recording Secretary


Board of Directors

Sheila Zive                     Past President
Nancy Fitch                   Past President
Florence McGowan        Past President
Mary Claros                   Director
Suzane Sadofsky           Director


Member Kimberly Morella
working the phones to help get a GOP Majority for the Westchester County Board of Legislators
Francis Corcoran for Westchester County Legislator

The New York State Federation of Republican Women joins the Westchester County Women’s Republican Club in endorsing the following Republican candidates. The New York State Federation of Republican Women finds these candidates highly qualified. Ann Schockett, President, NYSFRW

Sheila Marcotte - Westchester County Legislator (incumbent)
Francis T. Corcoran - Westchester County Legislator
Margaret Cunzio - Westchester County Legislator

Building Upon A Foundation

It has been over four years since I assumed the role of president of the club.  I proudly follow in the steps of a great line of Republican women. About that time, the Republican star was dim in the horizon.  This resulted in low Republican turn-out at the polls and in attendance at our meetings.  We decided that in order to strengthen ourselves we had to build a strong core.  We did this by asking leaders to reconfirm their positions in writing so we knew on whom we could rely. Although this meant we lost some members and officers, the leaders and members who continued to support us from that time on formed a core from which the club could grow and renew itself.  Today the core has begun to expand.  We now have over thirty members who are, not only, part of our membership, but they are also a part of the New York State Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women as well.  The number might still seem small, but it is a clear indication that we are moving in the right direction.  Our numbers and capabilities will expand even more in due time.  This will insure that as women we will build our political influence throughout the county making a difference in the political process.
Renewed Leadership

Now that we are on our way forward, we need new leadership that can provide a different prospective allowing us to reach our goals in the most effective way possible.  I am glad to announce that Joanne Rosamond has joined our team as vice president.  Joanne was born in Bronxville, NY, and raised in Eastchester.  If you sit down with her, at GOP Headquarters, she will proudly share with you that it reads, “registered Republican” on her birth certificate.  Spend more time with her and she will share wonderful stories about her large family which is made up of her husband of over forty-one years, George, and their clan of children and grandchildren.  In addition to being the retired assistant to the late Honorable John A. Lombardi (Supervisor of North Castle) for 18 years, last year she was awarded the Margaret Soter Award for Outstanding Volunteer.  With her help we will begin a volunteer network of With her help we will begin a volunteer network of capable women who will enable us to create a strong presence at candidate campaign sites around the county.

Moreover, we will be planning activities in which candidates and/or elected officials have the opportunity to get in closer touch with their constituency- the ordinary citizen whose vote is so precious.  One such event is the Town Hall Forum  we are sponsoring on September 29th 7-8pm featuring the Honorable Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive.  The place in which it will be held is the YWCA of North Street located in White Plains.  Only 150 seats will be available.  The first 150 people to confirm via email, unitedrepwomen@yahoo.com will be able to attend.

How To Join
Our full membership is $40.  This allows you to be a member of the WCWRC and the New York State Federation of Republican Women, as well as, the National Federation of Republican Women.   In order to be a full member of you have to be a woman and a registered Republican.  Men and non-Republican women can join as associate members.  If you wish to join, please send your $40 check to…

Fujiko Presseau
WCWRC Treasurer
214 Mamaroneck Avenue
White Plains, New York 10601


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