WRC of Richmond County

2015 Officers

President Karen Chestnut-Sayers
1st Vice President    

2nd Vice President


Treasurer Inez Paladino
Immediate Past President Mary Therese Reilly

Past Presidents that have served as NYSFRW Presidents:

Inez M. Palladino   1997-1999
Jill W. Jackson       2003-2005
Mary T. Reilly        2011-2013

The WRC of Richmond County supports the beliefs and ideals of the Republican Party. Our club serves to support our candidates, promote WOMEN to run for office and get involved in our party, and support/give back to our Community. Yearly dues are $25.00 per person. Men are welcome to join, they just can’t hold a seat on the executive board.

The New York State Federation of Republican Women joins the WOMEN’S REPUBLICAN CLUB OF RICHMOND COUNTY in endorsing the following Republican candidates. The New York State Federation of Republican Women finds these CANDIDATES HIGHLY QUALIFIED. Ann Schockett, President, NYSFRW

JOE BORELLI,, Unopposed Candidate for City Council
JOAN ILLUZZI, Candidate for Richmond County District Attorney

Several member of the WRC of Richmond County while on their 2009 Holiday Party - a Tour of NYC Christmas spots.










Upcoming Club Events:

Currently no events listed.
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