As you know, when Ann Schockett was elected to the position of NFRW member-at-large, she resigned her position as president to the NYSFRW.  The NYSFRW by-laws provide that the 1st vice president advances to the position of president, and the 2nd vice president advances to the position of 1st vice president.  All other vacancies are filled by the Executive Committee.


That leaves the positon of 2nd vice president vacant.  The 2nd vice president is responsible for increasing the number of members and member clubs.   


We have also received a resignation from the position of Corresponding Secretary for personal reasons.  The corresponding secretary is responsible for sending out written notices of all meetings including the call to conference and any newsletters prepared for NYSFRW members.


At my request, Marjorie Bridson and the 2014-2016 Nominating Committee were asked to seek candidates for these position.  Marge sent an e-mail message to all members of the Executive Committee and Local Club Presidents and Edna Smith sent the message to all local club members.  However, at the recent NYSFRW conference, a number of members said they had no knowledge of the vacancies.   Therefore, it was the decision of the Executive Committee to extend the deadline for the receipt of letters of intent, resumes, and references for those interested in either of the two positions.  The deadline has been extended to Saturday, April 30.  All letters of interest, resumes and letters of reference should be e-mailed to me on or before midnight April 30 at the following e-mail address.   




Now is the time for you and members of your local clubs to consider becoming active on the State level.  Any one applying for either position must be a member in good standing.  I would also like to request that any individual interested in applying for a position be an active member of your local club for at least one full year. 


I will be calling all our club presidents to insure they received this e-mail and will take responsibility for disseminating this information to the local club members.


If you have any questions, please telephone me at 518 725-7791.   If I am not home, please leave a message and I will return your telephone call.  I have placed a read receipt on this e-mail to help me determine if all members of the EC and the local presidents have received this message.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but I do consider this an urgent matter for the NYSFRW.




Jo-Ann Clear


Jo-Ann Clear, President

New York State Federation of Republican Women

45 North Street

Gloversville, NY 12078

518 725-7791



TO:   All members of the NYSFRW Executive Committee and Club Presidents

Please be advised that there are vacancies in two (2) NYSFRW elected positions.  As the terms of these positions DO NOT EXPIRE until the 2017 NYSFRW Conference, the 2014 Nominating Committee has been reactivated to attempt to provide candidate/s for the Executive Committee/Membership to consider at the upcoming NYSFRW Conference in April, 2016.

President Ann Saltpeter Schockett, due to being elected as a NFRW Member at Large recently, and unable to hold both positions, has resigned as NYSFRW President.

The NYSFRW By-Laws provide for a transition in the case of a President resigning/unable to complete her term – “SECTION 6. In the event of a vacancy in the office of President, the First Vice President shall become President. The Second Vice President shall become First Vice President. The Executive Committee shall fill all other vacancies.”

The 1st Vice President, in this case, Jo-Ann Clear, will become President; the 2nd Vice President, in this case, Karen Smith. will assume the 1st Vice President position.

This will leave a vacancy at the 2nd Vice President position.

Corresponding Secretary Ronnie Gaverin, due to health and other personal reasons, has resigned her position.

Both positions, held by qualified, capable women, are essential for the Federation to remain active and productive – and be ready to turn over the reins to the candidates presented to the membership by the 2016 Nominating Committee which will be selected at the Council Meeting to be held at the April Conference.

I have attached the job descriptions for these two positions and would request that you – either by considering putting your own name in or by forwarding this information to your members – request all qualified and capable Republican members in good standing to send a letter of intent and resume to the attached list of Committee members by APRIL 4, 2016.

Thank you.

Marjorie Bridson
Chair, 2014 Nominating Committee

Marjorie Bridson (7th JD) 7225 Lakeside Road, Ontario, NY 14519 Chair Cell (315) 945-5570 mabridson@rochester.rr.com

Darlene Harris (4th JD) 1074 Sacandaga Road, Glenville, NY 12302 Member Cell (518) 225-8712 acctggirl2000@yahoo.com

Rosemary Manuele Serra (10th JD) 3 Carol Court, North Massapegua, NY 11758 Member Cell (516) 880-5071 Rojon3@optonline.net

Sheila Zive (9th JD) 13 Old Mill Lane, Ardsley, NY 10501 Member Cell (914) 646-5468 Zaza0002@aol.com

Mary Alice Panek (8th JD) 6361 Thwing Road, LeRoy, NY 14482 Member Cell (585) 415-7885 panektrees@aol.com

Jacqueline Sammon (6th) 1109 Broad Street, Endicott, NY 13760 Alternate Home (607) 785-8897 Cell (607) 727-3235 jsammon@nysif.com

Lynn Teger (9th) 5 Simenovsky Drive, Haverstraw, NY 10929 Alternate Cell (845) 709-0929 teger.lynn@gmail.com





SECTION 2. Eligibility:


  1. Elected and appointed NYSFRW officers, and members of standing and special committees shall be local federated club members in good standing.


SECTION 3. The duties of the officers shall be such as are implied in their titles or stated in these by-laws.


(b) The Vice Presidents shall:


1. In their order, perform the duties of the President in her absence or inability to serve and such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

2. The Second Vice President is responsible for increasing the number of members and member clubs.



(d) The Corresponding Secretary shall:

1. Conduct the correspondence of the NYSFRW as requested by the President.

2. Send out written notices of all meetings in accordance with the time requirement stated in ARTICLE VI and as instructed by the President.

3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.


(d) Nominees must be members in good standing of Clubs in good standing and must have consented to serve, if elected.

                                            NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT
                                               by Marjorie M. Bridson, Chair



The New York State Federation of Republican Women’s   Nominating Committee is proud and pleased to present the following individuals, a balanced mix of experience, qualifications and willingness to serve as the


PRESIDENT – Ann Salpeter Schockett, Nassau County FRW, 10th JD
1ST VICE PRESIDENT – Jo-Ann Clear, Women’s RC of Fulton County, 4th JD
2ND VICE PRESIDENT – Karen Smith, Women’s RC of Fulton County, 4th JD
3RD VICE PRESIDENT – Darlene Lee, Schenectady County RWC, 4th JD
RECORDING SECRETARY – Mary Brauner, Westchester County WRC, 9th JD
CORRESPONDING SECRETARY – Ronnie Gavarian, Nassau County FRW, 10th JD
TREASURER – Rose Mary Shaw, Monroe County RWC, 7th JD

Our thanks and appreciation are extended to all who came forward to serve.

Marjorie M. Bridson, Nominating Committee Chair
Darlene Harris, Member
Rosemary Manuele Serra, Member
Sheila Zive, Member
Mary Alice Panek, Member
Jacqueline Sammon, Alternate
Lynn Teger, Alternate

Election and installation of these Officers took place at the NYSFRW Annual Conference on April 19, 2015.  See the full report by clicking here.
Nominations are now closed until a new Nominating Committee is elected at the Annual Meeting to be held in 2016.

©2008 New York State Federation of Republican Women